What we do

Dial Plan provides cloud based VoIP business phone solutions customised to suit your organisation.

  • Cloud based PBX (phone system) solutions
  • Business broadband internet
  • Managed Hardware
  • SIP Trunks

What is VoIP

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is the future of voice telecommunications. VoIP transmits phone calls over your internet connection. Our VoIP solutions offer more flexibility and increased capabilities while retaining the simplicity and familiarity of using your current analog phones.

With VoIP your phone number is no longer tied to your geographical location. You can take your phone anywhere within NZ and, as long as you have a good internet connection*, your phone will still ring when people call your usual number. Better yet, your calls from that phone are still local to your phone number's registered region meaning calling rates will still apply as if you were in the office.

Our VoIP solution can be configured to ring multiple phones when someone calls your number. Your phone at the office, at home and your mobile can all ring at the same time. Or across buildings, branches, cities, and even countries.

Dial Plan Benefits

Besides all the great features offered through our
services, you'll also be interested to learn about:

Saving Money

VoIP solutions often result in reduced monthly line rentals and lower monthly phone bills.


Your phone number will no longer be tied to a geographical location.
Minimise disruption to your business by taking your number(s) with you when moving premises. Just plug into your new location's internet connection and your phones will work like you never moved at all.**

NZ Support

Only Kiwis are trained to answer the phone here.

*A good internet connection constitutes a low latency, adequate bandwidth and otherwise unobstructed connection back to Dial Plan. Although most fibre optic connections work fine, Dial Plan recommends using a Dial Plan fibre optic broadband connection with its phone solutions, particularly when larger numbers of phones are involved. Dial Plan connections include a pre-configured router with a Dial Plan VoIP friendly firewall.